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dRedzilla - Red Beat - Roy Jones

Red Beat - Change & Phoenix - CD Album

Funky, jazzy, dancey songs from the mid 80's, beautifully restored and remastered.

Red Beat - The Eternal Party - CD Album

Retrospective album from London based post-punk rock band, Red Beat. A lighter, more funky and emotionally sensitive collection of songs recorded around 1982 and remastered with love.

Five Elements EP - Roy Jones - 5 track EP download

Roy Jones returns from a five year gap with a rich concept album "Five Elements" which explores the ancient building blocks of life: earth, air, fire, water and space through the medium of songwriting. The style and mood of each piece is very different from its accompanying songs giving, a vibrancy and originality to the work. The songs definitely capture the ethos of the eighties both in vocal and instrumental styles. Indeed, some of the songs were actually written in the mid eighties and this EP represents the completion of a long held vision. From the chilled reggae of Water, to the Celtic folk of Earth Mother this EP will continue to surprise and delight your senses with its scope and breadth of vision. 

Red Beat - Clones by Contact - Audio Cassette and Booklet, limited edition

Newly manufactured collectors edition retro pack Clones by Contact is a 9 track audio cassette featuring 2 previously unreleased tracks from Dub-rockers, Red Beat. Tracks: 1. Machines in Motion 2. Red Beat 3. More or Less Cut 4. Cut Dub 5. The Wheel 6. Shadow Boxing 7. Ritual Sacrifice 8. Scapegoat 9. Red Beat(Live) The booklet features a long in depth interview with vocalist Roy Jones about the post punk music scene in London and has some original poster images from that time.

Chaozmos by Ysbryd(Roy Jones and Marc Elton) - CD Album

Album of Welsh, Celtic music with a world flavour, featuring the instrumental and production skills of Violinist Marc Elton and the vocal and song writing skills of Roy Jones. This eleven track album was first released in 1998 on the Dragon Music label. It was recorded at Slate Street Studios, Morriston, Swansea with the help of Alan John, Geraint Howell and Nerys Rees. Special thanks to Alan Good for his oboe on 'Yr Olwyn'. The flavour is very Celtic and triplety with lots of real acoustic instruments. Both English and Welsh languages feature in the singing and sequenced samples were also mixed in subtly to create a rich organic soundscape, full of originality.

Red Beat - The Missing Album - CD Album

Long awaited first album release from eighties dub-rockers Red Beat, London based indie rock band who rose to prominence in the early eighties post punk scene. This album contains the only BBC authorised copies of the original Red Beat Jon Peel session which are not available as downloads for copyright ownership reasons. The other tracks were all released on vinyl apart from Shadow Boxing which dates from a slightly later period. The CD's are still cellophane wrapped and contain a full colour booklet with band photos.

Pasaporte para Cuba - Raul Speek & Roy Jones - CD Album

Celtic/Latin, Jazz from this collaboration between Cuban, Raul Speek and Welshman, Roy Jones. Using Spanish, English and Welsh language this album truly explores the traditions of both Cuba and Wales and brings about a unique fusion which remains vibrant and mesmerising even today. Featuring Hawkwind's Nick Turner on Sax and the legendary trumpet player Ricky Welsh who is no longer with us. The Cuban rhythms of dance meet the triplets and melody of Welsh folk in a jazz arena where anything is possible.

Limitless - single from dRedzilla - mp3

New dRedzilla single released 10th February 2015, Limitless is a pop song delivered in electro-house packaging, with a positive message about the power of choice which can shape our future.


Limitless the future's limitless,

The past has gone, so let it go,

And fill your heart with hope,

The future's limitless


The power of now

Free to choose the road we want to take

By will or by accident

The future's exactly what we make

well its a fact we've got to act

To bring a change of circumstance

Remap our fate, its never too late

to change the way we dance


Limitless the future's limitless,

The past has gone, so let it go,

And fill your heart with hope,

The future's limitless


So open up

The power to choose in in your hands

It may seem simple but

It's amazing when you understand

Every thought, every word,

Every action's a second chance

Remap our fate, it's never too late

to change the way we dance


Limitless the future's limitless,

The past has gone, tomorrow's anybody's guess,

So power up,

The future's limitless



Limitless, the future's limitless.......boom

Red Beat - Machines In Motion-dRedzilla remix - 2013 remix of the 1980 indie classic

This song was the first ever release of Roy aka dRedz in his London based days with punk-rock, dub-rock band, Red Beat. The original was recorded in Soho at Gooseberry Studio's with legendary engineer Mark Luscardi at the controls. The remix stays true to the original Dub style but then moves into drum and bass for an interesting last 3 minutes of experimentation.

Pure Victory EP - 5 Dubstep tunes with vocals from dRedzilla

Exciting collection of all original tunes in true Dubstep tempo with original drops and sound design in Massive. A classic created at the height of the Dubstep explosion.

Conscious Love EP - 6 New Tracks for Digital Download

One Energy - New Single from dRedzilla

This song is a new departure into Electro House. Slower than Dubstep but it sounds faster - don't ask me how that works! The message is clear. We're all one, interconnected and equal. We each have a huge power to move the world when we make an inner change for the better. Lets all work together to really create a new era of peace based on respecting our differences.

Red Beat - Endless Waiting Game - Digital Album -

12 tracks from early period Red Beat recorded at the Boilerhouse, High Wycombe, England in 1978-79 , engineered by Derek Timms and digitally re-mastered by dRedzilla aka Roy Jones Red Beat;s singer and main song writer. Recorded to send to record companies, this body of work really catches the mood of the late seventies showing influences like Blondie, XTC, Talking Heads, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, PIL, Killing Joke, Theatre of Hate, Siouxie and the Banshees and the Cars. Red Beat were gigging every weekend in local clubs and pubs throughout this time.

Red Beat - The Wheel - download

Apocalyptic Dub-Rock from the streets of post punk London